Safety Glasses Policy


Vice President of Finance and Facilities

Category: Finance

Effective date: March 1, 2020

Last content update: March 1, 2021


The purpose of this policy is to clearly state that the STORE requires that eye protection be worn by all employees who work in areas where there is a risk of injury to eyes due to flying objects, impact, heat, chemicals, dust or optical radiation hazards. The policy outlines which types of safety glasses options will be paid for by the Store owner.


BLOTTIMO desire to provide a safe working environment for its employees. All employees of the store shall wear protective safety glasses when required by OSHA regulations, store policy and/or state or federal regulations.

The store has coordinated with the state-contracted vendor for prescription safety glasses to offer employees approved safety glasses at no cost to them for the basic prescription safety glasses. Safety glasses will be provided every two years or when a prescription drastically changes. Work-related damages will be covered by the store. The STORE agrees to pay for the base price of the safety glasses, including tinting, along with scratch-resistant coating, side shields of all types and overpowering such as bifocal or trifocal. All upgrades from the items listed above can be purchased at the employee’s expense and require payment at the time of the order.

Purchasing of safety glasses shall be done through a purchase order handled through the campus business office with the state-contracted vendor. Safety glasses shall not be purchased using the STORE purchasing card.



Ensure that employees requiring eye protection are wearing the appropriate safety glasses.

Business Managers

Work with employees to handle the necessary paperwork for the employees to purchase safety glasses through the state-approved contract.


Understand the risks of their working environment and wear eye protection if appropriate and required. Employees shall also work with the campus business office to properly purchase required safety glasses.